We manufacture outdoor and performance sportswear from the meticulously chosen materials by complying with ethical production standarts.

Founded in 2015 , Sivugin Outdoor is a registered brand of ELBIR DOKUMA TEKSTIL , which is located in Bursa/Turkey.

With our products we aim to increase the comfort and performance of the end users during their indoor and outdoor activities without making any impact on enviroment and human health.Therefore all our fabrics are tested both in Lab and in the field before the production starts. We are lucky to have "Uludağ" (36 km south of Bursa , one of the country’s favourite winter sports centres ) close to our company , as it gives us opportunity to make field tests of our products quickly in the winter and also during the summer activities like trekking & hiking and camping in the National Park.

In order to achieve our quality & sustainability expectations , we follow closely our supply chain and each step of the production process. Therefore, we produce all of our products in Turkey . Our Garments are approved to Oeko-Tex Standart 100 and we respect to Code of Conduct standarts with all of our Suppliers.